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| Grow your business

Hi, at Storm Scott we help you grow your business. If you are looking for a solution to launch your product, boost your image, share your vision or tell your story – we can help. Your specific needs and challenges will define the way we work. We are a sparring partner with expertise and activities ranging from marketing to media campaigns. Your success definitely has to do with the way you come to the market and the way you structure your messaging. Our value is in the discussions, the holistic approach, the assessment and the challenging of your ideas. We help you grow your business and get your story out there where it needs to be. Over the last 25 years we’ve worked with Business Directors, Marketing Directors, Research- and Innovation Managers from organizations such as Philips, TU Delft, RijksWaterStaat, PinkRoccade, Heijmans, Mobil, PharmaPartners, KLM and more. For an impression of our smart solutions, see the images below.

| Integrated solutions

Your story and your customer personas are the inspiration for our integrated solutions. Your story needs to be told in different ways, across all channels. An effective and inspirational translation of your story to all media platforms is crucial. We will start a dialogue for your brand on the web, on social media and in your sales presentations. Telling your story with compelling visual content. So if you’ve got a product to launch, an image to build, a vision to share or a story to tell,  just give us a call. We can help you grow your business.

| Caroline van ‘t Ooster

Hi, my name is Caroline van ‘t Ooster. I am Strategy Director and co-founder of the agency. I was educated as a conceptual thinker at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Clients tell me I have a visionary mind, in the agency I am the driver behind integrated client solutions and driving growth initiatives. I helped many businesses to grow with solutions that succeeded in persuading audiences, including Boards & MT’s, succeeded in branding new business propositions in the IT, Tech & Retail sector and succeeded in raising funds for high tech ventures. Clients appreciate me for my insight and clearly formulated strategic advice.

| Digital Agency

Storm Scott is a full service digital marketing agency. Our team of young professionals will add their creative value and drive growth in each step of the process.  They are savvy specialists in online marketing, Search Engine optimization (SEO), Search Enigine Advertising (SEA) and omni-channel story telling in social media. Add to this our experienced multimedia designers, animation artists and interaction designers and you can see Storm Scott is a full service marketing and digital media agency. We offer integrated client solutions. Our state-of-the art workstations are linked with an internal high speed fiber channel infrastructure designed to store massive files locally. This local storage system of over 100 Terabyte ensures a reliable and confidential in-house execution of your projects.


| Jeroen Schellekens

My name is Jeroen Schellekens. I am Creative Director and co-founder of Storm Scott. I was educated as a Film Director and have 20 years of experience in analysing content, defining strategies and creating campaigns. I directed numerous TV commercials, videos, multi-channel campaigns and strategic presentations. Clients see me as a trusted partner, result driven and an inspiration for the young guns working in the agency. My drive: translating complicated matter into easy-to-understand and persuasive stories.

| Insider Stories

Insider Stories

At Storm Scott we help you grow your business. For each business challenge you have we create a smart solution. In our Insider Stories we reveal the strategy and concept behind these solutions. The Stories are published online behind a log-in  just for a select group of Insiders.

Most Stories contain videos that are not publicly accessible. If you would like to read our Insider Stories and view the videos online please fill in the form and we will email you a personal log-in.

We are looking forward to help you grow your business and make your story fly !


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